Outlook Web Access: Server CAS2

Outlook Web Access

Important Notice: Scam Emails

There continue to be lots of fake ‘Phishing’ e-mail messages, pretending to come from "Webmail maintenance" or similar, warning users to update or re-register their accounts, or apply for more mail storage space, by sending their usernames and passwords. You might be asked to log onto a website to submit your details.

Please ignore such messages. IT Services will never ask you to send your password in an e-mail or over the phone. See the ITS Help Page for further information.

Email Logon

Access your email here or clicking on the image below.

Microsoft® Exchange® service operated by IT Services at The University of Reading.

Note: all access to this service is logged. Unauthorised usage of this service is prohibited and may be punished under law.


  • Never send your username and password in an e-mail
  • Keylogging software may be installed on computers. Can you trust the machine you are using?
  • Only log on to a mail server using https that has a valid security certficate. Check for the padlock on the browser
  • For further security information see PC Security

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